Judging Criteria and Evaluation

The judging criteria and evaluation system for the Negarit Awards have been thoughtfully designed to ensure fairness, consistency, and the recognition of exceptional creative achievements. Our panel of judges will meticulously evaluate entries based on the following criteria, and scores for each element will be combined to determine the overall score for each entry. Subsequently, the highest-scoring entries will be discussed, leading to a consensus on the final list of nominees for each category.


1. Originality

  • Judges will assess the degree of creativity and originality in the submissions.
  • Uniqueness of the concept, idea, and execution will be evaluated.
  • We highly value entries that exhibit a bold willingness to take risks and explore new ideas or approaches.

2. Impact

  • The effectiveness of the creative concept in delivering the intended message will be considered.
  • Judges will evaluate the entry’s ability to evoke the desired emotional response from the target audience.
  • We seek entries that leave a lasting impact and resonate deeply with viewers.

3. Relevance

  • The alignment of the entry with its intended purpose, target audience, and presentation context will be analyzed.
  • Judges will assess the appropriateness and relevance of the creative work within its specific industry or field.
  • We appreciate entries that seamlessly fit into their intended environments while remaining contextually significant.

4. Storytelling

  • Our jury seeks entries that skillfully connect with the audience on an emotional level.
  • We value entries that effectively convey compelling narratives that resonate with viewers.
  • Entries that leave a lasting impression and tell a captivating story will receive special recognition.

5. Technical Excellence

  • The level of skill and craftsmanship demonstrated in the execution of the creative work will be evaluated.
  • Judges will consider the mastery of techniques, the use of appropriate tools and mediums, and the proficiency in delivering the desired artistic outcome.
  • We acknowledge entries that display outstanding technical prowess and precision.

6. Overall Presentation

  • The overall presentation of the entry will be assessed, taking into account the clarity of the message, organization, and visual appeal.
  • Judges will consider how well the entry captures attention and engages the judging panel.
  • We appreciate entries that are not only visually striking but also effectively communicate their message.

Our judging process is designed to ensure that entries are rigorously evaluated against these criteria, resulting in the selection of nominees and winners who truly represent outstanding creativity and innovation. We look forward to celebrating the remarkable achievements of creative professionals at the Negarit Awards.

In recognition and celebration of exemplary works for the inaugural Negarit Awards, our esteemed judging panel will extend consideration beyond this year’s entries. Submissions from a span of the previous five years, specifically from 2019 through 2023, will be evaluated and honored during this event. This approach allows the recognition of exceptional contributions over a broader timeframe, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive appreciation of outstanding endeavors in the considered period.