About Negarit Awards

Welcome to the Negarit Awards!

Negarit Awards emerges as a beacon celebrating and recognizing unparalleled creativity and innovation across diverse media platforms within Ethiopia. We are committed to honoring the phenomenal work of individuals and companies that redefine boundaries, captivate audiences, and carve significant imprints on the creative spectrum of the nation.

Our Mission: At Negarit Awards, we shine a spotlight on remarkable creativity and innovation, lifting the standards of artistic brilliance to new heights. Our mission reverberates with a passion for acknowledging and rewarding transformative work that shapes the multifaceted and vibrant creative tapestry of Ethiopia.

Our Vision: We aspire to be the cornerstone of creativity in Ethiopia, nurturing a dynamic community where artistic expression is valued, and collaboration is the essence. By offering enlightening educational initiatives and fostering meaningful networking avenues, we strive to empower creative minds to scale unprecedented peaks of success and orchestrate a symphony of positive transformation across the nation.

Our Core Values


We uphold a relentless commitment to recognizing and lauding exceptional creative endeavors.


Our platform is a melting pot of diverse voices and cultures, representing and welcoming creative spirits from all walks of life.


Anchored in transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct, we ensure the essence of integrity permeates every facet of our interactions.


We fuel the flames of inspiration, aspiring to be the catalysts for the growth and evolution of creative professionals.


Fostering a culture of collaboration, we create a supportive and synergistic environment ripe for innovation and forward-thinking.


Embracing the new, the unconventional, and the groundbreaking, we acknowledge the transformative power of emerging trends and technologies in sculpting creative masterpieces.