Yasser Bagersh

Yasser Bagersh is an influential figure in Ethiopia, renowned for his multifaceted role as an Advisor, Strategist, Philanthropist, and Art Collector/Curator. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to his homeland, Yasser’s mission is clear: no compromises. He continually strives to raise the bar and elevate the standards within Ethiopia’s marketing and advertising landscape. With over two decades of experience, Yasser’s contributions to the industry have been nothing short of transformational.

As the Managing Director of Cactus Communications Ethiopia since January 2001, Yasser has displayed exceptional leadership and expertise in steering the company through a dynamic and ever-evolving media landscape. His vision has been instrumental in shaping the marketing and advertising sector within Ethiopia. Yasser’s impact is not limited to the professional sphere; he’s also an ardent philanthropist and an avid art collector and curator. His journey, rooted in his education at the University of St. Thomas (TX), where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre, showcases a commitment to both art and culture that harmonizes with his dedication to pushing the boundaries and setting new standards in his field.