Theo Eshetu

Theo Eshetu, an eminent Video Artist and Director, possesses a rich and diverse background that transcends from the financial services industry to the world of media and art. With over three decades of experience, he has honed his skills in media production, film editing, and entertainment, marking an extraordinary journey. Holding a BA Hons. in Communication Design from North East London Polytechnic, Theo’s artistic career has spanned multiple domains, culminating in his current role as a Video Artist/Director.

For nearly twelve years, Theo Eshetu has been making significant contributions as a Video Artist/Director based in Berlin, Germany. Simultaneously, his enduring passion has driven him to lead White Light video productions since 1986, where he serves as a Director and Producer. Within White Light, he focuses on creating cultural documentaries, video art pieces, and installations, showcasing his unwavering commitment to creative expression. Theo’s impact extends beyond his personal projects, as evidenced by his role as a video consultant for UNESCO, where he orchestrated a remarkable 15-screen video installation celebrating the return of the Aksum Obelisk from Rome to Ethiopia. His extensive experience and dedication continue to shape the landscape of video art and cultural documentation, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.