Tamara Mariam Dawit

Tamara Mariam Dawit, an accomplished Ethiopia-Canadian filmmaker and dynamic creative industries executive, brings a wealth of experience in program management and organizational strategy. For a decade, she served as the Executive Director of the charity The 411 Initiative For Change, where her focus on equity, human rights, and youth engagement projects left an indelible mark. Tamara is an alumnus of prestigious programs such as EAVE, APOST, Berlinale Talents, and Durban Talents, and she has been honored with fellowships by Docs in Progress, Logan Nonfiction, and TIFF. Her film “Finding Sally” received numerous accolades, including the Doc Institute Vanguard Award, Adiaha Award, and the Gordon Parks Award. As a 2023 Chalmer Arts Fellow, Tamara is actively producing a slate of captivating films, further enriching her remarkable legacy in the world of cinema and creative industries.

In addition to her filmmaking prowess, Tamara is a Founding Member of the East African Screen Collective, driving creative initiatives in the East African region. She also played a pivotal role as Vice President of Growth and Inclusion at the Canada Media Fund, leading strategic efforts for equity and inclusion. Tamara’s commitment to championing underrepresented voices in the media industry is further evident through her role as a board member of the Racial Equity Media Collective, advocating for Black, Indigenous, and people of color creators in Canada’s film, television, and digital media sectors. Her diverse experiences and unwavering dedication continue to shape the narrative of industry growth through storytelling and strategic initiatives.