Rachel Berhane Araya

Rachel Berhane Araya is a distinguished professional known for her exemplary expertise in media management and marketing. Currently serving as the Managing Director at What’s Out OmniMedia, Rahel spearheads marketing and programming across an array of platforms, including radio, TV, online, and print. Under her astute leadership, What’s Out OmniMedia has not only become a captivating source of programming but also a catalyst for meaningful connections between advertisers and local and national audiences. Her adept management has propelled the company’s reach, offering a wide spectrum of digital marketing solutions that engage millions of individuals through various media channels.

Rahel’s illustrious career highlights her pivotal role as the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of Addis Glow and What’s Out! Addis, both under Dazzle Publications. In this influential position, she exercised full authority over news operations and editorial policies, guiding her team while making strategic editorial decisions. Beyond her editorial acumen, Rahel played a pivotal role in new business development, client relationship management, and the recruitment and retention of top-tier talent. Her dynamic leadership and strategic vision have consistently driven business growth and development throughout her remarkable career.