Best Transit Advertising Award

Recognizes outstanding achievements in harnessing the power of transit platforms to convey impactful messages, capture attention, and establish a compelling presence in the urban landscape.


This category is dedicated to highlighting superior innovation, effectiveness, and excellence in the multifaceted field of communication, showcasing initiatives that have significantly impacted their target audience.

Best Public Relation Award

Since public relations play a vital role in shaping perceptions, managing reputations, and driving meaningful connections with target audiences, Negarit wants to appraise PR campaigns based on their strategic approach, innovation, storytelling, messaging, audience engagement, and measurable results.

Agency of the Year Award

Honoring the premier advertising agency, this award recognizes unparalleled success in crafting impactful campaigns across outdoor print and electronic media. It commends outstanding leadership, operational management, business performance, and noteworthy achievements in marketing, advertising, and branding, showcasing agencies that have demonstrated a consistent commitment to elevating the industry.

Best Influencer Award

Our jury assesses influencer campaigns based on their authenticity, creativity, engagement, brand alignment, and measurable impact.

Best Advertising Photography Award

Advertising photographs are analyzed based on their composition, lighting, concept, creativity, brand integration, and overall effectiveness in conveying the intended message.

Best Billboard Award

Our billboard category is for a stunning visual that stops people in their tracks, a clever tagline that sparks curiosity, or an interactive billboard that engages and entertains, showcasing exceptional campaigns that push the boundaries of outdoor advertising.

Best TVC Commercial Award

This category recognizes the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into creating packaging that stands out on shelves and in the hands of consumers.

Best Graphic Design Award

From eye-catching logos to compelling print materials, this category recognizes the talent and skill of graphic designers who bring ideas to life through their creative visual storytelling.

Best Artwork Award

Whether created by an illustrator, digital artist, or any other form of visual artist, this category showcases the talent and dedication of artists who have poured their hearts and souls into creating stunning and thought-provoking pieces.